Hiring Mobile App Developers: 7 Essential Interview Questions

Both Apple and Google have introduced their own unit to help developers deal with different screen resolutions. First, the app must have a profile created for it in iTunes Connect. Both Google Play and the how to become a mobile developer App Store require images, an app description, and a unique identifier. Some of the other tools are Sentry (useful when you write an app in JavaScript, e.g., for React Native), Appsee, Raygun, and Instabug.

  • Interviewers will ask a variety of questions throughout the interview.
  • The interviewer will ask operational questions to determine how you perform the work required by the job you’re interviewing for.
  • Swift, a modern programming language, was announced by Apple Inc. in June 2014.
  • We’ve categorized the questions into different components to give you a well-rounded view of the potential individual you’ll hire.
  • If you’re a large enterprise, you might feel more comfort knowing the mobile app developer you want to hire has similar experience.
  • Take a close look at the developer’s portfolio to see if creativity has been built into the app, and if the user interface and user experience is something you enjoy.

Just as you create windows in order to display output or to ask for an input in the form of dialog boxes, activities play the same role, though it may not always be in the form of a user interface. An activityCreator is the first step towards the creation of a new Android project. It is made up of a shell script that will be used to create new file system structure necessary for writing codes within the Android IDE. Question lists offer a convenient way to start practicing for your interview. Unfortunately, they do little to recreate actual interview pressure.

Enumerate the three key loops when monitoring an activity

You’re going to be developing apps for mobile so your smartphone is one of your main tools. I bet you’re not going to have any problem answering this but it will be good that you demonstrate familiarity and knowledge on how to use more than one OS and brand. This tool provides developers with the ability to deal with zip-compatible archives, which includes creating, extracting as well as viewing its contents. The Android Framework is an important aspect of the Android Architecture. Here you can find all the classes and methods that developers would need in order to write applications on the Android environment. Simulate realistic interviews for over 120 job different titles, with curated questions from real employers.

Model and view never communicate with each other directly and rely on a controller to coordinate the communication. This design pattern is morphed by Apple into something else from its original SmallTalk implementation.

Factors impacting the salary you receive as an applications developer include:

When answering this question, think of two or three things that make you stand out from other developers. Try to focus on soft skills like communication and teamwork rather than technical skills. This question can help the interviewer understand your problem-solving skills and how you approach new projects. Use examples from previous work to show that you’re a creative person who’s willing to try new things. Whether you need operating platform adjustments or major modifications like new features or a redesigned UI, you don’t want to rely solely on that same mobile development team to make every change.

devops engineer interview questions

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In this method, two programmers work on the same system, on the same design/algorithm/code. VMfres is one of the most effective options for making IaaS cloud from Virtual Box VMs in no time. However, if you want lightweight PaaS, then Dokku is a good option because bash script can be PaaS out of Dokku containers. Memcached is a free and open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system. The primary objective of Memcached is to enhance the response time for data that can otherwise be recovered or constructed from some other source or database. It is used to avoid the need to operate SQL database or another source repetitively to fetch data for a concurrent request.

The solution to this problem introduces a self-hosted agent and an outside Git service connection. GitLab CI/CD is harmonious with GitHub and Git servers like Bitbucket. Rather than changing a whole project to GitLab, it is possible to connect an external repository to obtain the benefits of GitLab CI/CD. Ansible is essentially utilized in IT infrastructure to maintain or how to become a devops engineer extend applications to remote nodes. In this method, the difficulty was that there was a large waiting time for build and deployment which caused it very hard to get the feedback. Once the code is examined, Jenkins sends it for deployment on a production server. The crucial thing to remember is that DevOps isn’t just a collection of tools; it’s also a mindset, a culture.

Explain how Memcached should not be used?

So, the agile method center will mainly be on speed, and in DevOps, it serves well with the automation of several tools. With the aid of a technical administration team, Richie transitioned from its waterfall model, which offered four-hour full-site deployments double weekly, to an extra agile approach.

  • In the event of a failure, Nagios can alert technical staff of the problem, allowing them to begin remediation processes before outages affect business processes, end-users, or customers.
  • Make a copy of an existing job by making a clone of a job directory by a different name.
  • Developers send this code to the Git repository and any changes made in the code is committed to this Repository.
  • There is a fundamental difference between Forking workflow and other Git workflows.
  • Now, it has a completely automated deployment pipeline, and its constant delivery modes have reportedly appeared in more than 50 deployments a day with fewer disruptions.

Dependent on the software and coding languages you use within your business, more specific knowledge is likely to be required. Knowing that the candidate can handle and take on board constructive criticism, as well as place value in the opinion of others, is great comfort in such a collaborative role. Clear and effective communication, as well as understanding the importance of deadlines, is an excellent trait to have in a DevOps Engineer.

Q7. Which Testing tool are you comfortable with and what are the benefits of that tool?

As an alternative to merging, you can rebase the feature branch on to master. The git command that downloads any repository from GitHub to your computer is git clone. Service Virtualization – Ensures that real-world testing scenarios are available. Service visualisation provides access to a virtual representation of the needed testing phases, ensuring its availability and reducing the time spent setting up the test environment.

What skills do DevOps engineers need?

Coding and scripting are two important skillset that DevOps engineer should possess. Python, Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, Bash, Shell and Node. js are among the most recommended programming/scripting languages. Linux is one of the operating environments that hardcore developers continue to use even to this day.

When done with care, this will allow the feature branch to be merged into master with relative ease and sometimes as a simple fast-forward operation. Efficiency is increased by the addition of automation of continuous integration and continuous deployment. The crucial thing to understand is that DevOps is not merely a collection of technologies but rather a way of thinking, a culture. DevOps requires a cultural shift that merges operations with development and demands a linked toolchain of technologies to facilitate collaborative change.

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This is because Playbooks exist in the YAML format and can perform many tasks at once. While this is a rather simple DevOps interview question, knowing the answer to such questions shows that you are serious about your work.

devops engineer interview questions